Comparison of LED Downlighters

On this page we are comparing LED downlighters covering the best and the worst LED downlighters in the following areas:

  • The best of all
  • The worst of all
  • The best light output
  • Fail rate
  • What makes the light fail prematurely
  • Intergrated Downlights Vs GU10 Downlights

The following downlighters are ones we have tried and tested over the years but each manufacturer will and have upgraded the units in some way.

This page will be constantly updated on receipt of information requested from manufactures.

As of July 2020 only Collingwood have replied to our emails for information requested i.e Fail rate.

Come on you other makes, defend yourself

Our comments and rating of each unit is our own individual opinion from installation and use and customer feedback and is meant in no way to damage the reputation of any manufacturer or try and distract you from purchasing or using any of the makes shown.

Bell Firestay LED downlight

  • Comes with BELL Quick Fix Connector
  • Plug and play connector
  • Loop in / Loop out terminals
  • Quick release connector for ease of insulation resistance testing
  • 30/60/90 minutes certified firestay
  • Part B / C / E / L compliant
  • IP65 as standard
  • Dimmable
  • Includes White & Satin bezels as standard
  • 3000K / 4000K / 6000K available
  • Cut out: Ø70mm
  • Dimensions: Ø93mm H64mm
  • 35000 hours life
  • 3 year domestic guarantee

Our verdict: Very good downlighter with a very low fail rate, colour selectable so no need to carry various models. A push fit termination would be better and would speed up installation. Score 8/10

JCC V50 LED downlight

  • Two selectable colours options, 3000K & 4000K
  • Ultra-low profile suitable for shallow 50mm ceiling voids
  • Fast, push fit termination with remote driver
  • Wide 60° beam angle
  • Twist & lock bezel design
  • IP65, suitable for bathrooms (internal use only)

Our verdict: A well known make, a downlighter with a higher fail rate than most other makes, colour selectable so no need to carry various models. push fit termination speeds up installation. Score 6/10

Collingwood H2 Pro

  • Colour Temp 4000k
  • IP65
  • 38° beam angle
  • 5.2 watts
  • 112 Lm/W
  • Lumens (white) 580
  • Lux at 1m 1237
  • cut out 64-72mm
  • LED life 70,000h

Our verdict: Probably the most reliable downlighter with a very low fail rate, known as the Ferrari of downlighters. 7 year warranty Score 9/10

Robus Ultimum

  • Beam angle 60
  • colour temp 3000k
  • cutout 72mm
  • dimmable as standard
  • IP65
  • LED life 35,000h

Our verdict: Another well known make, a downlighter with an average fail rate, colour selectable so no need to carry various models. works with Alexa etc but can often lose connection if ceiling is foil backed plasterboard. Score 8/10

GU10 downlight fitting

  • Requires GU10 LED lamp
  • Lamp expectancy approx 50,000h
  • Colour temp – varies
  • Beam angle – varies
  • Dimmable – varies

Our verdict: An alternative to an intergrated downlight usually used on installs where a budget can be tight, requires GU10 LED lamp which come in various colour temperatures and quality. some makes don’t look great. Score 5/10

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a standard method for describing colours for use in a range of situations and normally expressed in units called Kelvins (K). Note that the term “degrees Kelvin” is often used but is not technically correct. The colour temperature is for descriptive purposes only and does not relate to the actual temperature of the lamp.

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