How much does a rewire cost ? One of the most common questions asked.

The majority of rewires are different, you may live in a small flat or a big 5 bedroom house.

Using our rewire calculator will help you gain an idea on cost with our transparent pricing policy.

Most importantly is your individual needs and requirements and a site visit will give you a more accurate quote.


For example a 3 bedroom house rewire with 40 downlights, 2 extractor fans, 50 sockets, 15 switches, external garage and a hot tub, Above all is going to cost more than a 5 bedroom house with 2 sockets, 1 light switch and a single ceiling pendant in each room.

Considerations to think about…

It is more about the number of points required, quality and the reliability of the product. Despite what you may think a Socket from a pound shop will not give you the same quality and reliability as a well known and proven make, therefore we emphasis that you have the best quality products installed to match your budget.

As with most rewires if the property is occupied and full of furniture it will cost more than if the property was empty and unoccupied, therefore there is additional costs of moving furniture, lifting carpets and then reinstating it all at the end of the day. Access to ceiling voids to run cables, sheet flooring or floorboards ? Sheet flooring can be difficult to remove, sheet flooring often breaks in the process of removal and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Included in a rewire

  • 1 consumer unit with up to 10 usable circuits
  • 2 Optical smoke alarms (Hard wired with interlink)
  • 15 double sockets
  • 8 light switches
  • 9 ceiling pendants
  • combined oven & hob point with a maximum load not exceeding 9.5kw
  • Electrical Installation Certificate & Notification to building control

Our policy is to be open with our pricing, you as the client want to know what you will be paying and for what without receiving any nasty surprises. We know that we are not the cheapest but we will not carry out cheap corner cutting installs, your safety is our priority.

The experience, knowledge, workmanship and finish of every install show why people choose us time and time again.

Labour per hour:

1st hour £50.00 + VAT

2nd hour onwards £30.00 + VAT

Ready to use our rewire calculator and get an instant estimate on your home rewire.

To discuss any questions or your installation options or further information, you can contact us on the link below.

All prices shown are subject to VAT

We mainly use Hager consumer units and Hager Sollysta accessories on most installs, proven and tested by ourselves to be a well made high quality product with a very low fail rate, being stylish and modern looking too. Download the Hager catalogue here..