Below you will find a selection of FAQ’S, if you can’t find what your looking for please get in touch, we will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I reset my electric?
  1. Find where the breaker panel/consumer unit is located in your house, this could be in the house or in the garage, common places are under stairs cupboards or on the landing.
  2. Turn each circuit breaker off including any RCD’s.
  3. Unplug all appliances (remove completely from socket) if you are unable to unplug any appliance, switch it off.
  4. Reset the main breaker/RCD by pulling the switch fully down then push fully up to reset.
  5. Now switch each of the breakers into the on position slowly one by one.
  6. If the RCD trips for instance when you reset the “Kitchen sockets” you know the fault is on the kitchen socket circuit.
  7. If the electric stays live but trips for instance when you use the kettle, you know that the kettle has a possible fault.

If your electric continues to trip and the above has not resolved the problem, please call us to rectify the fault. Contact Us Now


If you smell burning or can hear a crackling noise, call us immediately as a possible arcing fault may be present and possibly cause a fire.

Electrical fires can be caused by ‘arcing’, which is when improperly made connections, damaged insulation, crushed cables, DIY mishaps, vermin damage, and other factors can lead to overheating and ignite nearby flammable materials.

Government statistics show that electricity causes more than 13,000 fires every year in the UK, which is nearly one in five of all fires that harm people or cause damage to property.

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