1. Never remove a plug from the wall by pulling the cord, always remove it by the plug and ensure the socket is turned off before doing so.
  2. Switch off electrical items that are not in use, leaving electrical items plugged in can waste energy and pose a fire risk.
  3. Do not use electrical items with damaged cords or exposed wires.
  4. Do not use sockets that are damaged, call an electrician to arrange a site visit.
  5. Ensure that circuit breakers and fuses are the correct current rating for the circuit.
  6. Never use electrical equipment outside if it is raining
  7. Be sure to turn the electric off at the mains if you are carrying out any electrical repair work yourself.
  8. Ensure you are using the correct wattage light bulb for all your light fittings.
  9. Make sure all electrical items are approved when purchasing and keep them well maintained.
  10. Do not overload mains extensions by plugging further mains extensions into them and avoid using mains filled with plugs where possible.If you have an electric safety concern that you need help with, please give us a call for free friendly advice.

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