Smart Home

From simple lighting to an entire Smart Home, all Smart Systems can be centrally controlled via a smart phone or tablet, from within your home, or to control your systems when you are away from home. For further details on each system, please expand on the options below.

Smart Lighting
Smart lighting is very simply to use and is controllable through an app and benefits from;

  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Fade in, fade out feature
  • Dimmable
  • Child lock
  • Automatic lighting (automatic lights off, automatic energy saving feature, automatic brightness)
  • Ability to turn all house lights of from a central point

Smart Security
Smart security offers a wide range of smart burglar alarms and security features, your home stays alert while your asleep or away from home, protecting you from unwanted intruders, smoke and other hazards. Smart security benefits of the following features

  • Access logs
  • Panic button
  • Multiple alarm zones
  • View live feeds or your home from anywhere
  • Childproof safety controls
  • Alerts for open window and doors
  • Audio and visual alarms

Smart Heating
With smart heating you can ensure that your home is always the perfect temperature through the following features;

  • Custom temperatures for every room
  • Intelligent heating (the ability to identify when it needs to turn on and how long this will take in order to reach the right temperature at the desired time in line with your heating schedules)
  • Compatible with infrared panels, radiators, convection heaters, electrical heaters or HVAC
  • All controllable from a mobile or tablet via a app
  • Statistic reports to demonstrate your energy efficiency

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